AeroComputers products are used by customers across the globe in a variety of mission critical applications.  Our proven mapping and geopointing technology delivers unmatched precision, ease of use, and reliability.

Customer Testimonials

Bob Johnson, DOM @ Lake County Sheriffs Office

Kathy, Just a note of thanks to your company for the continued support for our LE-3000 mapping system. Old School is sometimes the best school. Appreciate your generosity and quick return to service for our equipment for the last 10 plus years. We will look to you in the future for updates and product support. 

Elias Rodriguez

I love  AeroComputers' customer service. I love the capabilities they have via wifi to fix my problem right in my office. We tested the maps and made suggestions and they listened. Great product.

MH Osujer

I love AeroComputers, Inc. Their product is fantastic! Their Customer Service is excellent and they are, overall, wonderful people to work with.