Our customers asked for enhanced surveillance capabilities, and ViewSync3D™ delivers. This new product from AeroComputers overlays street information on full motion video to provide enhanced situational awareness for the flight crew. From street lines and names to parcel data and landmarks, ViewSync3D™ is a combination of cutting edge hardware and software which work together with the AeroComputers UC-5300 mission management system to deliver overlays on HD gyro-stabilized camera video.

ViewSync3D™ is an excellent solution for operators tasked with airborne surveillance, search and rescue, or fire fighting missions.


ViewSync3D™ Integration with L-3 Wescan MX-10
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ViewSync3D™ Integration with FLIR Star SAFIRE 230-HD
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Overlays on Live Video

Designed to enhance situational awareness, ViewSync3D™ expands the capabilities of AeroComputers UC-5300 mission management systems by overlaying geographic information on the full motion video from the aircraft’s EO/IR sensor. Street names and lines appear on the screen in an intuitive way so the flight crew can quickly identify where the camera is looking. For pursuit and containment operations, the display of real time map information directly on the full motion video provides critical positional information quickly.

ViewSync3D™ overlays are unobtrusive, providing just the information you want to see. Custom GIS data sets such as powerlines, wastewater, critical infrastructure, and building footprints can be imported into ViewSync3D™ and displayed on live video.


Upright Street Labels

The ViewSync3D™ labeling of streets and parcel information is shown in an easy to read upright perspective. This means as the aircraft moves, all the labels remain easy to read, and you can keep your focus on mission, not on the equipment. Use the EO/IR camera hand control to point at position of interest, and ViewSync3D™ automatically provides all of the relevant street and parcel information in a clear and concise manner.


Synthetic World Views

In addition to displaying street overlays on live camera video, ViewSync3D™ incorporates a fully synthetic view mode to display detailed satellite and map imagery. The user can easily shift between live video and a synthetic display to gain situational awareness. This flexibility is important whenever the camera’s view of the ground is obstructed (by fog, smoke, or aircraft blanking) so that scene awareness is maintained.


Sentinel Kestral Video Target Detection

AeroComputers Moving Map Systems can now host Sentient Kestral video target detection software. Sentient Kestrel detects and highlights movements of multiple targets in on live video streams at the the push of a button.


ViewSync3D™ was designed as an affordable modular upgrade to the UC-5300 mission management system. Building upon the mapping and targeting capabilities of the UC-5300, ViewSync3D™ adds augmented reality overlays of street lines and roads on live video.


  • Dimensions: 12″L x 6.57″W x 3″H
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Power Requirements: 7A breaker, 28VDC
  • Operating System: 64 Bit
  • Mounting: Low profile tray


  • Overlay street names and lines on live video
  • Display upright street labels, parcel numbers and points of interest
  • Works with existing UC-5100 and UC-5300 Digital Mapping Systems

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