UC-5300 – Exceptional Situational Awareness

The proven industry standard for Digital Mapping Systems, the UC-5300 continues to be offered by AeroComputers for Agencies who want the best in 2D situational awareness. Like the UC-6000, the UC-5300 comes with the industry’s best warranty and service package, a full-suite of map data and AeroStreet™ Dynamic Maps.

AeroStreet™ Dynamic Maps

New AeroStreet™ Maps replace 5 previous high-quality map types with a revolutionary unified and dynamic map generation system. The new maps have 16 dynamic zoom levels each with its own labels and symbols perfectly formatted to the scale. The smart labels automatically adjust to the map view orientation for improved readability. Standard in-field updates keep AeroStreet™ Maps current.

The UC-5300 with AeroStreet™ Maps provides enhanced situational awareness, whatever the mission.


Best in Class Maps



The UC-5300 tactical mapping system comes loaded with best in class maps. AeroStreet™ Maps are designed for maximum clarity and readability at every zoom level.  They provide the necessary information with minimum background clutter. Customer-supplied maps and data such as GIS shapefiles and parcel data are easily loaded onto the system. The UC-5300 allows users to take advantage of FalconView® software features including maps and mission planning.

The UC-5300 displays a wide range of included map data:

  • NEW Dynamic AeroStreet™ Maps
  • NEW Comprehensive Parcel Maps
  • Topographic Maps
  • FAA Sectional Charts
  • FAA Helicopter Route Charts
  • FAA Airport Data
  • FAA US Terminal Area Charts
  • FAA World Aeronautical Charts

Also supported:

  • Satellite Imagery
  • Nautical Charts (coastal USA)
  • Customer-supplied shapefiles
  • Worldwide Map Packages
  • FalconView® Integration

Parcel Data and GIS Integration

US Nationwide parcel map coverage comes standard with the UC-5300. Leveraging both customer-supplied and commercial parcel data sources, aircrews can point the EO/IR camera at a position of interest and the system displays address, parcel number and owner information. Customer supplied shapefile data like critical infrastructure, wastewater, reporting districts and more, can be loaded onto the UC-5300 and displayed on any map type. UC-5300 also enables quick and easy export of mission telemetry to an industry standard KML file format viewable in Google Earth, ArcGIS and other desktop GIS software applications.

  • Modern high-performance i7 Quad Core Intel Processor
  • 16 GB High Speed Ram
  • High Performance Integrated Graphics
  • Solid State Drive Storage (SSD)
  • Integrated Removable SSD Storage Bay
  • HD-SDI Video Support
  • USB 3.0 Support
  • Broadband aircard compatible (customer supplied)
  • Software configurable video input switching
  • Standard GIS file import & export utility
  • Supports 3 VGA displays
  • Dynamic AeroStreet™ Maps
  • Parcel Maps for entire US
  • Rapid map data update cycle
  • HD-SDI gimbal input ready
  • In-field UltiChart™, map and data updates
  • Modern 64 bit operating system
  • Industry-best support package
  • Made in the USA


  • DIMENSIONS: 13.4″ x 6.7″ x 5.2″ h
  • WEIGHT: 8.5 lbs
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS: 2 amps continuous, 28 VDC
  • SERIAL PORTS : Multiple configurations of RS-232, RS-422 and ARINC-429 (ports configurable to meet application requirements)
  • VIDEO INPUT CAPABILITY:  SDI (SMPTE 292M), External VGA, Composite (NTSC & PAL)
  • VIDEO OUTPUT: SDI (SMPTE 292M capture and loop-thru), VGA (3), Composite (4)
  • DO-160 Certifications for crash safety, vibration, and EMI

Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) are available for purchase through AeroComputers if  smoother map function and greater accuracy is needed. For more information contact sales@aerocomputers.com.


    • Rugged and Reliable; Hundreds of Units Fielded Worldwide
    • Short Operator Learning Curve
    • Intuitive User Interface
    • Precision Control of EO/IR System Geopointing/Targeting
    • Simplified Installation and Minimal Maintenance
    • Lightweight, Compact Form Factor


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