AeroComputers products are used by customers across the globe in a variety of mission critical applications.  Our proven mapping and geopointing technology delivers unmatched precision, ease of use, and reliability.

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Engineered for the Mission

Airborne Law Enforcement

From routine patrols to high-speed pursuits, our products are enhancing the airborne capabilities of law enforcement agencies worldwide. The ability to quickly target street addresses, intersections, landmarks and parcels means arriving on-scene first. High-altitude surveillance and counter-drug operations benefit from the high degree of accuracy our systems afford.

Firefighting & Public Safety

Airborne units provide critical information about fires, floods and other hazardous situations to incident commanders on the ground. On-the-fly incident perimeter and acreage information is collected quickly and easily through the integration with onboard camera and our mapping system. This enables the most accurate real-time collection of geographically-referenced incident information available.

Search & Rescue

From the desert towns on the Mexican border to the vast Canadian wilderness, search and rescue operations have been greatly enhanced through the use of AeroComputers’ products. When lives are on the line, accuracy counts. Our mission management systems come loaded with the best in class maps, and the most accurate geo-positioning hardware available.


Currently in use by US Army Special Forces, US Customs and Border Protection, and the FBI, our systems provide the means to control camera/IR systems directly through the map interface. Our high-precision ViewSync™ gimbal command technology enables operators to select a target on the map and have the camera stay locked-on regardless of the movement of the aircraft. This type of geographical accuracy is critical to counter-terrorism, surveillance and homeland security operations.