Thomas Fire

AeroComputers would like to thank the brave firefighters and other emergency personnel that have been fighting the #ThomasFire just a few miles from our office. Your work has saved the houses of some of our employees, and their relatives as well. Keep up the good work!

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Letter from OXR Air Traffic Controller

A gracious letter from the air traffic controller working the night Bruce and TJ assisted with the plane landing gear (tail numbers redacted for privacy):

Hi Kathy,

My name is Bill Broadwell, I am an Air Traffic Controller at OXR tower. We have met on a few occasions when I have visited AeroComputers.

I would like to commend Mr. Bruce Bowmar, of Aero Computers Airborne Systems, and his camera operator for coming to the aid of another pilot in a distress situation. I believe his real-time information to N***** helped that pilot take the necessary actions to resolve the gear situation, which resulted in a good landing and successful ending to his flight.

At approximately 18:05 local time on 11-27-17, I was working the evening shift at OXR tower. N***** a BE24 Sierra was landing on runway 25. N***** initiated a “wave off”, (pilot words). N***** was given left closed traffic and N@@@@@ who had been following him, landed and taxied to his hanger. On downwind, N***** asked the tower if they could check his gear. As he made the low approach, he was advised by the tower that the nose gear did not appear to be fully extended.

N@@@@@, who was on the ground at his hanger at that time, advised tower that he had an infrared camera and could look at the gear if N***** would like. N***** made another low pass and N@@@@@ confirmed the nose gear was NOT down and was turned a little to the left. N***** requested to go to an area and work on his emergency gear checklist. About 15 minutes later, N***** called inbound to OXR with “3 in the green”.

N@@@@@, who had stayed with his aircraft, offered to look at the gear a final time. N***** agreed and made another low pass. N@@@@@ confirmed the gear appeared to be down and in place. N***** made left traffic back to the airport and landed without further incident and taxied to OXR Jet Center. N***** is based here at OXR Airport.

Kathy, I know the aviation community is filled with good people who will help others in need and Bruce is a fine example of that attitude. Every time I have visited I see a hard-working group of people who also have fun at their job. You are to be commended, a positive company culture starts at the top.

Thank you and Best Regards,

William Broadwell (BB)

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Santa Barbara County Sheriff

Santa Barbara County Sheriff

A customer testimonial from Santa Barbara County Sheriff:

The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office is one of AeroComputers’ first customers, utilizing two of their first map designs. Those two maps are still working strong, along with a newer model that we purchased a few years back. Our maps have performed wonderfully and we are lucky to have AeroComputers right in our adjoining county for all of our customer support needs. We have watched the company grow from two employees to more than thirty over the years and we greatly appreciate the relationship that we have with Kathy and all of the personnel there.

We thank you for the kind words, and will keep working hard to provide the best customer service we possibly can.

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