Santa Barbara County Sheriff

Santa Barbara County Sheriff

A customer testimonial from Santa Barbara County Sheriff:

The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office is one of AeroComputers’ first customers, utilizing two of their first map designs. Those two maps are still working strong, along with a newer model that we purchased a few years back. Our maps have performed wonderfully and we are lucky to have AeroComputers right in our adjoining county for all of our customer support needs. We have watched the company grow from two employees to more than thirty over the years and we greatly appreciate the relationship that we have with Kathy and all of the personnel there.

We thank you for the kind words, and will keep working hard to provide the best customer service we possibly can.

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Customer Testimonial

AeroComputers recently received this feedback from a customer:

Good day to all,

I wanted to bring to your attention the extraordinary customer service provided by your Field Ops Technician Steve Mickels. Steve has been instrumental with introducing our unit to all the useful features with our new 5300. He recognized there was an issue with our camera system and the 5300 integration. Steve made contact with the manufacturing camera company to resolve the camera and 5300 issues. Steve went beyond his duties to ensure the systems communicated properly which will reduce the work load  and provide for Tactical Flight Officer with a competitive edge. He also demonstrated strong technical  skills with problem solving. Steve impressed me with his commitment to resolve the matter, as a customer he left me feeling satisfied and appreciated.

Side note, I appreciate all the employees that I have come in contact with at Aero Computers because you all provide great service.

Darry S. Williams, Sergeant
DeKalb Police Department

Aerial Support Unit Commander

Thank you so much for the kind words, Sgt. Williams! We will continue to do our best to make sure our customers are satisfied and happy!

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