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AeroComputers invited all users of UltiChart systems past and present to share their amazing stories where a successful outcome was facilitated by the situational awareness provided by AeroComputers tactical and moving map systems. After carefully reviewing all submissions an entry from Texas Department of Public Safety was selected:

The Texas Department of Public Safety’s Dallas helicopter, DPS 101, crewed by Lt. Tomerlin and TFO Lacey, was called by Dallas DPS Communications and advised of a high speed pursuit coming from the East Texas area at speeds of over 100 MPH involving the Texas Highway Patrol, Henderson County Sheriff’s Dept., Kaufman County Sheriff’s Dept., Dallas County Sheriff’s Dept. and Dallas PD. The suspect vehicle was occupied by three (3) suspects and the vehicle was recently reported stolen out of Garland, TX. DPS 101 intercepted the pursuit as it was coming westbound on US175 into Dallas County. The aircrew followed the chase for approximately fifty (50) minutes, traveling the wrong way on US175 and 635 at speeds over 100 MPH, causing other motorists to take evasive action to avoid a head-on collision. Ground units were unable to maintain visual contact with the suspects due to not being able to continue pursuit against the flow of traffic. The aircrew utilized the AeroComputers mapping system to effectively call the pursuit to ground units through the complex roadways around the Dallas area. The suspect made numerous U-turns, entered highways on exit ramps, exited highways on entrance ramps and crossed over several grass medians. During the chase the driver stopped for a brief moment and let two passengers out. The suspect continued on for a while longer, breaking into two other vehicles when officers were far behind him. During the pursuit, the suspect stopped on the crossover of 635 and opened the tailgate of the pickup so the debris, believed to be stolen vehicle parts, would fall out and strike the pursuing officers. The suspect ended up crashing into another vehicle at an intersection causing the other vehicle to come to rest upside down. The suspect bailed out of the stolen truck and attempted to run on foot until ground officers quickly arrived in the area and took the suspect into custody. The suspect was positively identified and charged with Felony Evading Arrest in a Vehicle, Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, an outstanding Felony Evading Arrest Warrant and misdemeanor warrants from Dallas PD as well.