• Three-year hardware warranty – repaired or replaced free of charge
  • No cost for:
    • Map software updates
    • Training on site or remote support as desired.  Materials provided
    • System software upgrades Onsite or remote
    • Technical support  Onsite or remote access as desired.  This includes technical support during system integration, either onsite or remote as desired.


Extended warranty on hardware:  At time of purchase choose an extended warranty. $12k covers costs to repair or replace system hardware in years 4 through 10.



AeroComputers is proud to be the industry leader in providing tactical mission management systems for airborne applications that integrate the best in map data and generation, overlay of map data on live gimbal video, shape-file and image collection and transmission, and data storage. Since 1993, we have been developing products designed to enhance the airborne capabilities of public safety agencies worldwide.

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